About Allegra Hamilton

Who We Are

We’re a franchise organization. But let’s not mistake that for a “cookie cutter” approach to taking care of business. Each independently owned and operated Allegra is unique, teamed by passionate professionals who live and work in the communities we serve.

We understand and care about the needs and challenges of the people who trust us to design and print a brochure for the launch of their new product. Create over-sized banners for their special event. Source a targeted list for a direct mail campaign. Or develop a web landing page that converts to real interest and dollars.

We’re also a family. We can rely on collective experiences and knowledge gained from countless projects we’ve done for tens of thousands of clients, big and small. And we can access the very latest in technologies found within our ranks to do really cool stuff. It’s what we call “the power of the network” and one of the ways in which we stand apart.

Beyond great results, we’re especially proud of the generosity of Allegra franchise members. You can say that you care; or you can show that you care. Our people live it.

Collectively, they’ve donated millions of dollars in free printing and marketing services to nonprofit organizations through our FootPRINT Fund®. (Learn more about this program through your local Allegra center.) And we truly can’t measure the impact of the time and talent dedicated to local events, programs and services by Allegra owners and their staff throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We care about our customers. We care about our communities. And it shows.

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